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Peritus Consulting Founder:
Jeremy Hartwell

From the earliest days of my career managing a student run business as an undergrad, to providing corporate strategy consulting to the C Suite of a top 5 mortgage lender, I have been obsessed with helping businesses flourish while solving tough problems that others don't have the desire to take on. With an MBA from the University of Michigan, and nearly 20 years of experience in corporate strategy and management consulting roles, this passion has evolved into a unique and powerful expertise that has proven results across multiple domains and industries.

Peritus Consulting was created to bring this passion and expertise directly to you. I guarantee results that will drive your business to the next level of success, at a value you won't find anywhere else.

Every day you wait is a day your business could be doing better. Don't hesitate, contact me now for a free consultation!

Jeremy Hartwell founder Peritus Consulting

Why should you choose Peritus Consulting?

Peritus (Latin, adj): Skilled, Expert


Did you know that up to 70% of what you pay a name brand consulting firm does not directly support your project? Peritus Consulting brings the expertise and results of the big firms, but without asking you to pay for the overhead of business development, internal projects, lavish travel and expensive partners who don't even work on your project.


Most consulting firms assign recent college graduates with little work experience to handle your case. At Peritus Consulting, you'll only be working with an experienced partner. With nearly 20 years in management consulting and corporate strategy, I understand the issues your organization faces and have the experience to create solutions resulting in real and lasting value for your business.


With a mix of proven frameworks and proprietary methodologies developed in the field, Peritus Consulting focuses on what works. Whether it's peer reviewed case studies on employee motivation, or frameworks taught at the most prestigious business schools, Peritus has the toolkit to ensure your success.


Peritus Consulting has already helped businesses like yours capture millions of dollars in unrealized profit. Whether it's knowing where to focus resources for growth, or maximizing operational efficiencies, chances are, I've solved your problem before. Review our cases studies for a snapshot of how I've helped past clients.

Our Team

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