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A Personalized Approach to Consulting

My focus is on your success. Peritus solves the most important issues facing your organization so you can continue to drive a profitable business and create a workplace where people want to be.

I believe in the importance of listening to understand your situation and driving to the root cause before recommending solutions. Unlike many in advisory services, my goal isn't to cover up symptoms; it's to create a healthier organization through proven methodologies for sustainable growth and success.

Peritus will work with you to design a custom proposal to address your specific needs in the most cost efficient way possible to maximize your ROI.

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Are you getting the most out of your employees or are you stuck in the past?

The overwhelming evidence in scientific literature, in business case studies and in real world examples supports the concept that optimizing an employee's environment not only increases their productivity, and therefore your profitability, but it also raises their job satisfaction and leads to a more sustainable work life balance. The benefits are endless but most companies refuse to acknowledge these facts, preferring to live in an outdated model of strict hours, oppressive culture and refusing to allow employees to showcase the very skills they were hired for. Don't be stuck in the past like everyone else. Choose your employees and choose a more profitable future

Compensation Design & Motivation Theory

While compensation isn't the only driver behind a productive workforce, it is often the most important.

Yet most organizations rely on outdated wage or salary models that have been proven ineffective in theory and in practice.

Peritus Consulting will design custom plans using our proprietary 3PIC framework that will increase employee motivation, drive the outcomes you want and even reduce your labor budget.


Compensation design isn't an art, it's a science. Let Peritus bring the science to your business.

Organizational Structure

Do your employees know where their job begins and where it ends? Do you?

Can you identify redundant jobs or gaps in your capabilities?


A deliberately structured organization is essential for a healthy business, yet in my experience, very few companies even give it a second thought.  With properly structured organizational roles, you will see immediate benefits to your bottom line and will have a clear path to optimize your workforce. 


The costs of a poorly structured organization rise exponentially with a business' size, as do the costs of correcting it. Don't wait. Call Peritus Consulting now.

Employee Wellness / Productivity Link

Why are your employees working to increase your organization's success? 


If your answer is simply "because of their compensation" then your employees may only be working hard enough to not be fired. 


Using our proprietary WPL framework based on the latest research, Peritus Consulting will put systems in place that drive employee engagement, empowerment and sense of ownership, all while facilitating a healthier work / life balance and reducing stress.


You'll see increased revenue and reduced costs in the short term, and an unmatched retention and recruiting culture in the long run. The evidence on this is irrefutable. Will you embrace it?

Process Improvement

Inefficient operations directly impact your bottom line and lead to employee disssatisfaction

Your organization bears the costs of inefficient processes every hour of every day. While a single instance may not seem impactful, these inefficiencies typically repeat themselves constantly, across all your employees and their daily tasks. This can easily add up to thousands or even millions of dollars of wasted effort annually. Thankfully, even small fixes can have exponential impacts on reducing costs. Peritus Consulting has the expertise to identify the problem areas and propose meaningful fixes that can dramatically improve your margins, making your business more robust and freeing up capital for continued growth.

Systems and Tools

The latest enterprise tools, software solutions and data management systems promise to solve all your problems and usher your business into the cutting edge of competition. And some of them do move the needle in a positive direction.


But all too often, I see businesses add new tools without an overarching strategy, often creating a confusing and overlapping toolkit with redundant, or even contradictory uses. 


Whether it's auditing your current systems, or working with you to develop a focused strategy for your needs, Peritus Consulting can help you streamline your internal offerings for maximum efficiency and efficacy. 

Data Structure / Governance

The best implemented databases, with the most highly trained and effective employees, will still fail if they lack proper data governance structure.


When data lacks governance rules on how it can relate to other data in your system, you're opening the door for errors. This could be as simple as a cost center input typo from a fatigued HR administrator, or as far reaching as improperly classifying customers in your CMS.


With Peritus Consulting's proprietary Dynamic Data Governance System (DDGS), you can once again have confidence in your data, even with inevitable human error.

Avoid costly mistakes, while simultaneously reducing your data input burden, often by greater than 90%. Contact Peritus today!


Even the best tools, integrated with a fully realized strategy, cannot mask the cost impacts of poorly designed processes.


How your business accomplishes a task or works towards a goal is just as important as the tools utilized. Whether it's course correcting an out of control meeting culture which never seems to move the ball forward or auditing complicated multi-step processes across multiple roles, Peritus Consulting can help streamline how your business works.


With better processes, you'll see immediate benefits to your bottom line, and your employees will feel more engaged and less frustrated in their day to day tasking


Join the numerous clients who have benefited from better processes and contact Peritus today!

Expert Negotiation

Negotiating solely on price is costing you money, regardless of the outcome at the table.

Did you know that almost everyone considers themselves to be excellent negotiators? Yet the vast majority focus exclusively on price, whether that is aggressively driving down cost, or maximizing the price beyond what is reasonable. While providing the illusion of success for the winning side, this almost always leads to frustration or even resentment from the other party. 

A negotiation focusing on price will almost always result in long run costs that far outweigh any short term gain at the table. Peritus Consulting has experience negotiating complex, high value contracts, often with multiple international parties while navigating stringent regulatory and legal requirements. 

Contract Review

Do you know the most advantageous State for governing law?

Which contract clauses are unenforceable?

Should you accept those liquidated damages?

Contract interpretation and risk management is a complicated field. You bring your car to a mechanic, so shouldn't you bring your contract to an expert?

Peritus Consulting has over a decade of experience directly in the contract management field; writing, interpreting and providing recommendations on contracts ranging from thousands to millions of dollars in value. Let Peritus help you avoid costly mistakes and provide risk assessments and recommendations before you sign.

Disclaimer: Peritus Consulting is not a law firm and does provide legal advice. All experience is related to the field of contract management professionals which incorporates legal theory, but does not practice law

Negotiation Strategy

Should you make the opening offer or respond to an offer?

Which negotiation levers will provide the best outcome?

How do you know when it's time to walk away?

It's one thing to read a book on negotiation strategy and another to effectively execute techniques in real time. Peritus Consulting founder Jeremy Hartwell has over a thousand hours of at the table negotiating experience. 

Whether it's as simple as a compensation negotiation for a hire, or as complicated as a multinational partnership between private entities with government oversight and millions at stake, Peritus Consulting has the experience and the proven results to guide you to the best possible outcome in your negotiation.

Lead Negotiator Services

When the stakes are highest and you need every possible advantage, your only solution is to bring an expert to the table.

Peritus Consulting's founder, Jeremy Hartwell, has led some of the highest profile business negotiations for his employers and clients with outcomes that far exceed expectations.

Availability is limited for this service and requires advance notice, so please contact Peritus Consulting today to secure your unfair advantage at the negotiating table.

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